Thursday, September 6, 2012

Schools Back in Session!

Tuesday morning James came into my room at 7:00am ready to go. The other two were just as excited, but a little better at sleeping in. I'm glad that they have so much enthusiasm and are excited to go to school. James has a tougher teacher this year, she is so nice and they get to use laptops in class so he isn't complaining. Charlie's excited to get three recesses and lunch at school. I've been a little worried about him because he would often complained that kindergarten had such looong days. (They're all short days Charlie.) We'll see how he takes to the actual long day. Bella is so excited to be in kindergarten and following in her big brothers footsteps. She even asked why I was walking her in to school today. She's always been a little more independent. I hope the enthusiasm keeps up. So far everyone has their clothes laid out at night. They get dressed and make their beds before coming up stairs. When they've gotten home from school they are quick to get their papers out to show me and to get started on their work. Sructure is doing wonders for my kids. Fingers crossed that they keep all this enthusiasm going. I'm going to have to be a good, cheerleading, energetic mom to keep them going. I think we all needed a change of pace after our lazy days of Summer. Some summer happening below...more to come my computers slow.

Monday, May 21, 2012


The last time I spoke in church we had been to Disneyland just two days earlier. So, with "It's a Small World" still stuck in my head and planning a talk, for some reason I could not leave Disneyland out of it. It is just magical with children. I compared each of my children to Disneyland to introduce my family to our new ward. James is our "Tomorrowland". Because he is our first child he leads the way and really he is innovative and creative. He wants to be and engineer. I'm impressed with some of the things he creates with legos. Charlie is our "Adventureland". He is all boy and is always up for an adventure. He told me he wanted to be like Indiana Jone when he grew up. And for every single birthday/Christmas he asks for is a gun. Bella is of course "Fantasyland", she is so girly yet spicey. She could color butterflies all day long. She usually has a tutu on over every outfit. She has a collection of flower petals. She is just a girly little thing, which is so nice in a house of boys. Tommy is "Toon Town" because of his pudgey rolls and quick smile. He is so fun. He really does keep us entertained, we could watch him for hours. I left it there in introducing our family in my talk. I didn't want to over do the analogie, but since then I've wondered where Rich and I fit in the equation. Could we be Cinderella and Prince Charming. Maybe our coloring suits Beauty and The Beast better. I could see us walking around together so happy receiving sweet little hugs from admiring children. Dreamily whispering sweet nothings. It just didn't fit. Hmmm! I just couldn't find a spot for us. Then I realized where we fit- the Disneyland workers. Not the fun ones that dance down the parade route, but the unsung workers-Cleaning up messes, feeding children, finding lost children, running after wild children, keeping those children in line, keeping those children smiling, giving words of encouragement, and just continuing to do our best to make our little family adventure magical. So I'm a little belated for Mother's days, but Mom's (and Dad's) are unsung heroes. We're hoping to give our children magical childhoods and hoping they stay in line to become wonderful, faithful adults. I'm so thankful to be a Mom and thankful to My Mom and Rich's mom for the wonderful examples they are as Moms and Grandmas. I sure do love them and love my little Disneyland I have in my own home.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Where is the Time Going??

Tommy is one and several days. His Birthday was February 17. I cannot believe how quickly the time flew by. Happy Birthday my sweet Boy!!
I really wanted Tommy to be a girl those first few months of pregancy. Then I learned he was a boy and that was fine (We sure love James and Charlie). Well, Tommy came and he has been the most charming, darling, little guy. I really just adore him.
Rich would tell me in those early infant months that Tommy looked at me like he was in love with me. Things haven't changed. I'm his favorite gal for the time being (The next several forever I hope).
I am so glad that he is a boy and that he is part of our family. We are all still smitten with the little guy. He has a smile that makes you melt, he's quick to laugh, he loves to cuddle. He even sleeps well, except right now, but he's getting teeth. He gets so excited to see his Dad, sister, and brothers. He really has been a blessing.
I'm so thankful for my sweet baby. And yes he is still my baby-if only time would just stop cruising along. Happy Birthday Tommy!
A few of Tommy's Likes
1.cords and outlets
2.flushing the toilet
3.pulling out all of the toilet paper
4.cookies and chocolate chips (obviously part of our family)
5.watching TV with Mom and Dad at the end of the day
All things that are going to have to change! Except the chocolate.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Little Political!

I married someone who really enjoys politics. When we were dating I even helped him go door to door helping him campaign for some various candidate. Wow, it must be love. We even spent a semester in Washington D.C. while he interned for Senator Hatch, which was amazing, but I don't think my passion for politics has ever matched his.

I will say that all of the sudden he is looking at me with renewed hope as I, myself, have asked him if we could watch CNN or Foxnews for the latest primary election coverage. I'm a bit miffed myself, hoping to get the kids to bed early so we can watch the votes come in with each primary. Feeling a little defeated when my candidate gets defeated or slighted by the media. Or elated when he wins and those same people give him some well deserved praise. Finally! It's been fun. Even my kids get a little into it.

Rich walked in and noticed Charlie watching, kind of intently, one of the debates. Rich said, "Charlie, what are they talking about." Charlie replied, "They're talking about aliens Dad, aliens." It must have sounded a little scary listening to them talk about the increasing number of aliens in our country.

I can't leave out our other political story mishap. A couple of years ago James learned about the restoration of the church in primary. His teacher told me we may want to review it for family night as the kids were a little confused. So come Monday evening that's what we did. We asked James who restored the church. He thought for moment and blurted out, President Bush. We laughed and said no James it was a Prophet. He thought a little longer and little more tenatively mumbled, Obama.

Election years are always more fun political years. And we may just have some kids that are just as into politics as Rich, or maybe even me.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Joy comes in Small Packages!

Well, I guess the Holidays are coming to an end. We've unwrapped every last gift, drank the last sips of eggnog, and uncinched our belts for those expanding waistlines. I have to say it has all been worth it. My four little ones were just a joy this Christmas season.
Each one of them believing in the magic of Christmas (Tommy still might be a little small.) and wanting to share in giving gifts to family and friends, but mostly trying their hardest to be good in hopes that they wouldn't be giftless Christmas morning. I don't know what I'm going to do without the threat of Santa not coming. Here are some of my favorite Holiday moments.
1. Advent Calenders-Just the little store bought ones my kids always want and I never buy. They all got one this year after about a week they realized that the chocolate in those cheap calenders was yucky. They then would just ask me how many more day until Christmas. I guess I'll never have to buy those again.
2. Christmas shopping with the kids. They had so much fun picking out gifts for the names drawn in our own family and for cousins. This time because they have earned a little money I made them each contribute a dollar to each gift. Wow. It amazed me at how much more they felt excited to give those gifts.
3. Decorating with my kids. I did most of the decorating on my own, but they loved to help when they felt like it. I laughed when charlie had put a few dinosaurs on our Christmas tree and Bella kept putting little nick-nacks everywhere. I never knew how a little girl could be so much more into the decorating. It's been fun and a little cluttered. I have to say they were also really good little gingerbread house decorators too.
4. Watching the kids participate in acting out the nativity for both mine and Rich's families. They looked so cute dressed up for their parts and Bella did such an angelic job reciting her angel part to the sheperds. I hope that they remember with all the hustle and bustle the true meaning of Christmas.
5. Of course we had fun opening presents and seeing the kids feeled with excitement. But we also has fun visiting Santa, visiting Temple square and seeing the lights, going to a few Christmas events put on by the city, driving around looking at Christmas lights, making hot chocolate, making eggnog, making chocolate covered pretzles, making gingerbread men. I guess I'm beginning to see why our pants are a bit snug, but that's why we have New Year's resolutions right?
We are so greatful for a wonderful Christmas with family and friends, but especially with our four sweet kids who really are such a JOY!

Monday, November 28, 2011

A Fab' Fall!

I can't believe how quickly time is flying by. We have been in our home for three months now and it's really starting to feel like home. We have been busy still getting home organized, but mostly with school, soccer, scouts, piano, family vacations, and just playing a lot. Maybe that why we're still getting organized

My kids loved dressing up for Halloween and all the festivities and candy. I loved dressing them up too and helping them look the part.
In early November we took a trip to California with most of my family. It was wonderful-perfect weather, great days at Disneyland, San Diego, and Laguna beach. We have been going each year for the past four years. We may have to start going a little less frequently, but we sure do love it.

We loved seeing a lot of our family on Thanksgiving. We are so thankful for them and the many ways in which we are blessed. So with that Christmas here we come!